A Case Study in Financial Planning

I frequent a number of personal finance forums, namely over at The White Coat Investor and Rockstar Finance.  Every now and then a certain topic will tickle my fancy and break my bad case of writer’s block.  I came across one such thread on the WCI forums and thought it would make an interesting thought experiment.  At the very least […]

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Friday Blog Roundup – 3/17/17

Welcome to the Friday Blog Roundup, something that I hope will become a weekly feature on SomeRandomGuyOnline.  Here I plan on sharing articles covering a specific financial topic as well as some interesting personal finance posts that I came across during the week.  I hope you enjoy!   Backdoor Roth IRA I’m glad that I learned about the Backdoor Roth […]

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Blog Update: Six Month Blogiversary!!

Time sure flies by when you’re blogging and having fun!  I can’t believe that it’s been almost six months since I first started my blog.  So far it’s been a rather enjoyable experience.  I’ve continued to post semi-regularly, met and interacted with a number of other personal finance bloggers, and continue to see a gradual increase in traffic and page […]

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Investing Rate: A Different Take on the Savings Rate

I keep track of a lot of things when it comes to my personal finances, but net worth isn't one of them. Check out some of the reasons why I don't.

You know what I love about personal finance?  That it is actually PERSONAL.  While there are core concepts that are universal, you have the ability to fine tune and tweak certain things to fit your particular financial situation.  For instance, some people use budgets for managing their finances.  While I did use a budget when I started my financial journey, […]

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