PTFO: Planning to Meet Your Goals

In my last PTFO post, I talked about calculating my net worth and coming up with a preliminary budget that included my wife’s income. I didn’t include our budget in the last post, but I’ve decided to do it here for completeness sake. The bare-bones version of our monthly budget looked something like this: Mortgage $2,500.00 Gas $150.00 ADT Security […]

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PTFO: Net Worth and Budgeting

It’s funny what a swift punch in the gut can do to a person. In my last post, I talked about my student loan financial epiphany of $300,000. I also talked about how it led me to doing something that I thought I would never do… read a book about finance! I learned the basics of personal finance, which I […]

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Top 5 Steps To Take Control of Your Finances

Living paycheck to paycheck? Feel like you’re drowning in debt? I know what you feel like… I’ve been there. It kind of feels like you’re just treading water and not really getting anywhere. And depending on your specific situation, it may actually feel more like you’re sinking. Although it may not feel like it, getting a handle on your finances […]

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