New Attending Physician Baby Steps

Becoming a new attending can be daunting, both medically and financially. Here are some steps that new doctors can take to gain control of their finances.

The transition from a resident physician to a new attending can be a big one. It’s the first time that you’re “on your own” as a doctor. Also, you’re probably working somewhere new and trying to figure out a strange electronic medical record and new hospital system. But with all of this new doctor stuff comes a nice step-up in […]

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A Case Study in Financial Planning

I frequent a number of personal finance forums, namely over at The White Coat Investor and Rockstar Finance.  Every now and then a certain topic will tickle my fancy and break my bad case of writer’s block.  I came across one such thread on the WCI forums and thought it would make an interesting thought experiment.  At the very least […]

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