2016 Fourth Quarter Update

Keeping track of your investments is always a good idea.  I used to monitor our portfolio every month but found that to be a bit too frequent.  I’ve now settled into the routine of going over our finances every quarter, specifically when it comes to our retirement savings.  This also gives Random Gal and I a chance to look things […]

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PTFO: Planning to Meet Your Goals

In my last PTFO post, I talked about calculating my net worth and coming up with a preliminary budget that included my wife’s income. I didn’t include our budget in the last post, but I’ve decided to do it here for completeness sake. The bare-bones version of our monthly budget looked something like this: Mortgage $2,500.00 Gas $150.00 ADT Security […]

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PTFO: Net Worth and Budgeting

It’s funny what a swift punch in the gut can do to a person. In my last post, I talked about my student loan financial epiphany of $300,000. I also talked about how it led me to doing something that I thought I would never do… read a book about finance! I learned the basics of personal finance, which I […]

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