Friday Blog Roundup – 10/6/17

Time for another edition of the Friday Blog Roundup. In this post, I’ll share some interesting personal finance articles that I came across over the past week. I’ll also highlight a new blog that I think you will enjoy following. So, let’s get this party started!


Personal Finance Blog Roundup

Blogging is tough. Readers of my blog know that I took a four-month hiatus. I had to take some time off from writing, focus on family, and recharge. Max Your Freedom thinks blogging is hard as well. He also shares some great tips to help you get out of that blogging rut. Blogging Part Time is Hard!


I’m not a dividend investor, although I know others may use that particular investment strategy. Physician on Fire gives us an interesting take on why Selling Shares Beats Collecting Dividends.


I’m still paying off my student loans, but once that’s gone I’ll need to figure out what to do with my mortgage. Chris over at CYInnovations has decided to pay his off early. Oh, and he also included a handy-dandy mortgage payoff spreadsheet as well. Because, you know, spreadsheets! I’ve Had Enough! I’m Destroying my Mortgage Debt Now!


Heard of the latte factor?  How about the $7,000 Watch factor? Dads Dollars Debts elaborates in a great post.


Some may think that getting a second opinion from a financial advisor about your investment portfolio is a great idea. One Percent Decisions gives us a different perspective in their article Portfolio Second Opinions Are Useless.


The 4% rule is usually a big part of planning for retirement, although it does have some shortcomings. Our Next Life discusses a big one and elaborates on The Fundamental Problem with the 4% Rule.


New Blog Highlight


This blog is just one month old. But based on their first month numbers, it looks like they are off to a great start. Their hope is to “reach readers all around the world who are interested in progress, prosperity, upward mobility, frugality, saving, investing, becoming debt free, achieving financial independence and/or early retirement.”

Be sure to check out their story as well how they increased their income from $0 to $400k+. Great stuff.



Thanks for checking out this week’s installment of the Friday Blog Roundup.  Until next time!


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      Thanks for stopping by! No problem. I love checking out new blogs as well!

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    Thanks for the feature. This is a great round up and you introduced me to some. New to me bloggers.

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      No problem, DDD. Enjoyed the article!

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    Calling Dr Random 😊,

    Thank you very much for featuring our new blog! You have made our day!!!

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