Friday Blog Roundup – 3/24/17

Welcome to the weekly blog roundup. My goal is to provide links to educational content as well as personal finance posts that I enjoyed. Check it out!Welcome to another edition of the Friday Blog Roundup.  Here I plan on sharing articles covering a specific financial topic as well as some interesting personal finance posts that I came across during the week.  I hope you enjoy!


Topic of the Week:  Tax Loss and Gain Harvesting

One of the many benefits of investing in a taxable account is the ability to perform tax loss harvesting.  While there are a number of robo-advisors that can do this for you automatically, those who invest on their own may or may not know about these money saving strategies.

My introduction to the topic of tax loss harvesting was this article by Mike Piper of The Oblivious Investor.  He talks about what tax loss harvesting is and how to perform it.  He also discusses the all-important Wash Sale Rule and provides a few illustrative examples.  A few months later he posted a related article covering the lesser known strategy of tax gain harvesting.  Be sure to check out these informative, bookmark-worthy posts.


Personal Finance Blog Roundup

Have you ever suffered from buyer’s remorse?  I have.  It certainly isn’t the greatest feeling in the world.  Well don’t you worry, because Reid over at Wealth Rehab discusses 4 ways to avoid buyer’s remorse.

Kate of Making it Rain calculated her savings rate and was pleasantly surprised.  But she’s not stopping there; she’s taking on the 1% challenge and increasing her savings rate even more.

I love reading personal finance blogs, particularly the newer ones.  That’s not surprising since I’m a new blogger myself.  One issue that I often wrestle with is how much I actually want to share and put out there.  The Millennial Boss writes about her thoughts and experiences on this subject matter as well as her evolution as a personal finance blogger.

I’m sure all of the homeowners out there have heard this before:  “Don’t pay off your mortgage too quickly or else you’ll lose out on that interest deduction.”  Chris over at Keep Thrifty has, and he’s not having it.  Read about how he fact checks the home mortgage interest deduction.

Paying off debt is hard.  Plain and simple.  The Financial Panther agrees and thinks that paying off debt is never easy.

And finally, for those out there looking for ways to pay off your debt, don’t fret.  Jacob Merkley at Power Over Life has a debt destruction plan that is just what the doctor ordered!


Thanks for checking out this week’s installment of the Friday Blog Roundup.  Until next time!!




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