Friday Blog Roundup – 3/31/17

Welcome to the weekly blog roundup. My goal is to provide links to educational content as well as personal finance posts that I enjoyed. Check it out!Welcome to another edition of the Friday Blog Roundup. Here I plan on sharing articles covering a specific financial topic as well as some interesting personal finance posts that I came across during the week. I hope you enjoy!


Topic of the Week:  Roth Conversion Ladder and Rule 72(t)

Early retirement takes some planning. One thing you’ll need to think about is how to access funds in your retirement accounts without paying the 10% penalty. Fortunately, there are a few helpful strategies available to early retirees.

Root of Good discusses one option in their excellent post about Climbing the Roth IRA Conversion Ladder, while Retire By 40 talks about IRS Rule 72(t). And finally, the Mad Fientist summarizes these two strategies and works through a few scenarios in How to Access Retirement Funds Early.


Personal Finance Blog Roundup

One thing that bugs me is when people say they saved money by buying something on sale. But if you didn’t need it in the first place, did you really save any money? Chief Mom Officer talks about this, and more, in her post Stop Spending to Save Money – Active versus Passive Frugality.

Keeping track of your finances is important, but can you be too diligent? Do you really need to check that investment account every week, or month for that matter? Maybe not. Four Pillar Freedom explains why you should monitor your progress less often.

As an Emergency Medicine physician, it helps to have thick skin. Thank goodness I’ve developed some over the years because, as Mr. Tako Escapes explains, it’s an essential skill for early retirement.

Sometimes rules are meant to be broken… or ignored completely. Heartland Hustle shares four personal finance rules that they ignored, and maybe you should too.

This last one is for all of the bloggers out there, specifically those that use WordPress. Site security is a big deal, and no one wants to get hacked. To that end, Zero Day Finance shares some ways that you can secure your WordPress blog.


Thanks for checking out this week’s installment of the Friday Blog Roundup. Until next time!




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